Algonquin Park Portage trip- Part 1

I recently returned from a 6 day portaging trip to Algonquin Park. I was invited to join the group of 14 by my brother Jordan. Him and his buddies have made this a yearly tradition for the past 5 years now and I was glad to join. It was my first time going to Algonquin so I was prepared to shoot a lot, and I did. That is why I am going to split this trips photos into multiple posts. I also have a time lapse video I am putting together from the trip which I will post in 3 or 4 days. Enjoy!

On our way to get our permits


The view from where we set off from, Canoe Lake

Canoe rentals

the start of a long canoe ride to our first camp site

We made our own route so we had to chop some trees

This little guy enjoyed throwing pinecones at us..specifically me

arrived at our first camp site and tired from all the paddleing

first priority....Bacon

and beers

Pumping water with head lamps

A few stars before the almost full-moon came up

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