opposites attract…..to my lens

I wanted to share a couple of images that I captured the other night. I really like how the images are  complete opposite in subject, color and composition, yet similarities in the images make the two compliment each other very well.

I set out to find good sunset, below is one of many I captured that evening.

Getting out of my car I looked up and saw my house silhouetted by the late evening sky. Luckily my camera was still on my tripod making it easy to capture the passing by jet in the scene which adds to the similarities between the images. (totally did that on purpose…..accidentally on purpose)

It wasn’t until I had the images on my computer when I noticed the the similarities and differences that make these images work together. In fact, I didn’t think much of the sunset photo, but seeing them beside each other gave me a new appreciation for them both.

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