Looking for a cheaper alternative to pocket wizards?

looking to shoot wireless but don’t want to fork over the hundreds of dollars for PW’s? I’ve been using these little guys for over a year now which I got off eBay for less than a 1/5 of the price!!

The brand is Ishoot but there are numerous brands on eBay that are all relatively in-expensive and do just fine on location or in the studio.

They come with 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm sync adapter to fit almost any light

There is also a hot shoe adapter on the top making it easy to fire any speed-light wireless

The transmitter isn’t terribly ugly either!

They say they have a firing range of around 30m, but I’ve had it fire at distances farther than that.
There is also 4 selectable channels in case you wanted to run multiple lighting setups.
Here is a link to buy them on ebay but just search “wireless flash trigger” and there will be many to choose from


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